** Wildcard ** Emerald x Damline Usha van't Roosakker

12. Implanted embryo Emerald X Online van de Bisschop Damline Usha van' t Roosakker

Emerald van't Ruytershof x Tornesch

°2022 Embryo

Heartbreaker, Cornet Obolensky, Diamant de Semilly and Darco (Usha van 't Roosakker), four grandmasters in a row

27. Implanted Embryo Heartbreaker x Cordiana Hero Z

Heartbreaker x Cornet Obolensky

°2022 Embryo

Straight from the dam line from Dreamcatcher , Servero BD and much more

6. Vasco van de Kasteeldreef

Glamourdale x Hohenstein

°2021 Stallion

The progenitor Eldorado out of a Z-dam and the half sister of horses at the highest levels

10. Esterela Z

Eldorado van de zeshoek x Quidam De Revel

°2021 Mare

Dominator Z colt with a lot of flexibility and charisma

1. Dream Big PM Z

Dominator Z x Verdi TN

°2021 Stallion

Father successful at 1m60, half-sister of Leen O.L 1m60 with John Whitaker

28. Canjala 3 D De Dibru Z

Cicero Z van Paemel x Kannan

°2021 Mare

A proven recipe for success, in a coloured jacket!

7. Painterest van de Lentamel Z

Picasso Van De Veldstraat x Limbo

°2020 Mare

Long-legged foal with charisma from Comme d'Api, black type pedigree

8. Vault VD Bisschop

Comme D'Api VD hacienda x Vleut

°2021 Stallion

Jumping talent from Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve en worldfamous Darco

3. Tabou van de Kasteeldreef Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Darco

°2021 Stallion

Emerald out of damline filled with sport

39. Wigger van het Vennehof

Emerald van Ruytershof x Cicero Z van Paemel

°2022 Stallion

The combination of two KWPN key figures

8. V Maverick PM

Verdi TN x Grandorado TN

°2021 Stallion

Posture and athletic ability

2. Kasagrande van Stal K&G

Kassander van't Roosakker x Andiamo Z

°2021 Stallion

Mix of absolute top blood out of a rather small but solid dam line with both successful jumping and dressage horses

33. Doreé van de Boterhoeve

Defender VDS Z x Warrant

°2021 Mare

Lightfooted filly out of the half sister of Hargento (1m60)

32. Nalu van de Kasteeldreef Z

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Orlando

°2021 Mare

Colt out of Fantomas with loads of suppleness, movement and balance

2. Ulapalu van de Musschaver

Fantomas de Muze x Organo Sitte

°2020 Stallion

The offspring of Malito and Verdi are known for their fighting spirit, a genetic anchoring in Lucky Number 7

12. V Lucky number 7 PM

Verdi TN x Malito de Reve

°2021 Stallion

Elastic and long-legged filly out of the KWPN Keini Line full of predicates

10. Miss Loulou WZ

Mylord van 't Vlasmeer x Alicante

°2020 Mare

All the ingredients for a top sport horse

21. Pompidou TML Z

Pegase van't ruytershof x Burggraaf

°2021 Stallion

The best of the best!

29. Frozen embryo Cornet Obolensky x Modena D'auvrey

Cornet Obolensky x Vas y donc Longane


Vivaldi colt out of the full sister of five approved stallions

12. Vic S

Vivaldi x Rohdiamant

°2020 Stallion

The combination of appearance and elasticity!

6. Casanova Ter Elzen Z

Colman x Zirocco Blue VDL

°2020 Stallion

Full sister of the dam internationally triumphant under Jody Bosteels

4. Ulana FDV

Kasanova de la Pomme x Chatman

°2020 Mare

Energetic foal from proven sire line in 1m60

6. Vienna van t' Lohof

Burberry DK T&L Z x ELdorado van de zeshoek TN

°2021 Mare

Descendant of proven BWP and SF bloodlines

27. Nero van de Kasteeldreef Z

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Muscaris d'Ariel

°2021 Stallion

Broodmaire bloodline with preferent premium mares and successful offsprings

34. Jubertha R

Netto x Son De Niro

°2014 Mare

Three stallions with an extreme athletic ability

7. R U Ready PM

Verdi TN x Jaguar

°2021 Mare

Closely related to the Beaufour-line

18. Valdo d' Edouard Joly

Cashpaid J&F x Elvis Ter Putte

°2021 Stallion

Out of the solid dam line of Dona Lisa

13. Vedett van 't Edenhof

Picasso Van De Veldstraat x De Flor 111 Z

°2021 Stallion

Classy, strong and closely related to well-performing sport horses.

21. Uno van het Waterblok

Iago de peupliers x Sheyenne de Baugy

°2020 Stallion

A descendant of the "generation of the future"

5. V.I.P

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Di Cantero van Ter Hulst Z

°2021 Stallion

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